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We keep the big picture in mind

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We are a video & audio production company that make the world realize more of its potential every single day.

Since its inception, V Room has been a video production company focusing on bringing ideas to life. We create and help you publish high-quality videos for several purposes. We wish to transform the world through our films and your ideas. We give life to your thought and make it worth remembering for everyone who watched it. Our determination and grit toward creating impactful videos have set us apart for a long time. We believe in investing in your mind and your hunger for creating an impact in the world, sporting the spirit of publishing authentic, ever-evolving, and conversational content.

We ideate and create videos for the greater good

As a video production company in Coimbatore, we represent culture, authenticity, and belonging to people. We look for the fire within you that takes the plunge of bringing an idea to life. We honor your creative risk and securely believe in building creative trust with the team at V Room Studios. We want to extend a state of trust, opportunities, and excellence to create a community that believes in change from the perspective of a visual thinker. A difference powered by graphics, motion, and design which display vividly what dreams are made of.

About Us

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Our vision is to transform your content through video production, to unlock your brand potential.


We have one mission - you must think of us if you think of creating a video.


Can you invest days and months, sweat and energy, into creating a video that lasts a minute but lingers for ever?

We endeavor tirelessly to create what you dreamt of. Our trust roots in a crazy
passionate drive to bring your story to life.

Our trust begins with our vision to embark on a journey to create a transformation
through video content.

We tell stories the way you lived them.



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We create stories because you have one

Like every other video creator and filmmaker, our journey was propelled by inspiration and fascination with the kind of visuals we used to see. It all started with the fantasy of spilling our minds over the screen with the right color, art, visuals, animation, and whatever it could take to create what we wanted to see on the screen.

Telling tales through a visual medium is an idea’s most significant transformation. Going through endless films and videos made us realize that video is the power of the future media. And this realization began our journey to establish V Room Studios in 2018.

We wanted to give every story a platform to be seen, heard, and felt by the people. Each story must be explored for its potential to be relevant for the people who see it, feel it, and then carry the trail of impact.

It was started with a clear, concise, and simple goal of creating high-quality, impactful videos for our clients. This clarity gives us perspective and the zeal to work towards a bigger goal.

With a determination to impact over a million lives through video production, we strive to resonate with thousands of brands, meticulously crafting each frame, shot, scene, and second to fulfill our ambitious vision.

So if you are looking for an energetic, strategic video production company, we would be happy to collaborate to create mindblowing videos.

What are the core values of V Room?

We have community building, creating trust, teamwork, and work ethics at our core. Our team helps build and entrust these values. With V Room, you will feel the energy and passion you seek in a video production organization.

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